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Our business works across many different areas of sustainability. From wastes management to renewable energy, air quality in cities and household recycling, we’re involved.

Here you can explore our latest thinking and news. Get in touch if there’s something you’d like to discuss.

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  • It’s not easy being green

    A look at the role of legislation and innovation in the renewable energy sector

  • Two new bio-bees make a buzz

    Our innovative Bio-Bee fleet, powered by entirely by the food waste they collect, gets two new members to sustainably service cafes, restaurants, schools and offices across the West.

  • No more time to waste

    A look at the role of organic waste in the climate change crisis.

  • Bristol awarded status of Gold Sustainable Food City

    GENeco is proud to have sponsored the successful bid to win Gold Sustainable Food City Status. The accolade recognises the positive work undertaken across the city’s food system, seeking to solve social, environmental, and economic issues.

  • Coronavirus update for customers

    We want to keep you informed about what we are doing in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Compostable vs Biodegradable vs Recycled

    Compostable vs bio-degradable vs recycled - what is the difference? Is one more environmentally friendly than the other? We are here to help this Waste Wednesday as we navigate the complicated world of disposables.

  • Christmas – The Most Wasteful Time of the Year

    Christmas is fast approaching; think Christmas trees, Christmas carols and plenty of mince pies. But Christmas does have a darker side; wasted food, unnecessary packaging and unwanted gifts all bring with them major environmental tolls.

  • Bristol BioResources and Renewable Energy Park interview

    We stepped out of the office and into the BFWRF to speak with Tom Phelps, food waste treatment plant manager, to learn more about the daily activities that take place at this exciting hub!

  • The Pros and Cons of Carbon Offsetting

    You are probably aware of the basic principles of carbon offset schemes and their many critiques. But this Waste Wednesday we are here to delve deeper into the topic and help you to determine whether carbon offsetting can play a part in meeting your own personal environmental targets.

  • Bulb Energy

    A couple of weeks ago, a few members from the Bulb team stopped by our Bristol Bioresources and Renewable Energy Park for a full day of site tours, filming and photography.

Next generation fuel

Biomethane generated by waste can be used as a substitute for natural gas in homes and in vehicles. It's the fuel of the future, but it's here now.