Two New Bio-Bee’s Make a Buzz

Our innovative Bio-Bee fleet, powered by entirely by the food waste they collect, gets two new members to sustainably service cafes, restaurants, schools and offices across the West.

Buzz Lightyear and Buzz Aldrin, as named by the public, are the latest addition to the Bio-Bee vehicle fleet, which has been serving Bristol since 2017. The new Buzz’s can travel further and carry more weight, meaning we can provide a more flexible, cost effective, sustainable service to more people than ever before across Bristol, Bath and Northeast Somerset, North Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and South Wales

Francis Marsh, head of liquid waste resources at GENeco, said: "Following the success of our Bio-Bees operating in Bristol and the positive changes they have made to the local environment, we are really excited to expand the service to collect and recycle food waste from more businesses across a larger region."

The collected food waste is brought to our anaerobic digestion facility in Avonmouth, where it is turned into biofertilizer, renewable energy and clean biomethane fuel for local communities and - in a UK first - the Bio-Bees themselves!

Francis Marsh continued "We believe these vehicles are emblematic of the circular economy in action, and this investment further underlines our commitment to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the communities we serve".

Using biomethane fuel in vehicles reduces wheel-to-wheel carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter emissions by over 90%, than if they were to be powered by diesel. Recycling food waste through anaerobic digestion is one of the main ways to reduce the estimated 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere every year across the UK from food waste that is sent to landfill to rot.

The recent IPCC report, and the scary statistics surrounding air pollution in our cities make it clear than innovation is needed, and the Bio-Bee's offer a fantastic opportunity to harvest the valuable energy and nutrients from the waste bin.

If you are interested in making your business more sustainable by utilising our carbon neutral, zero-waste-to-landfill service get in touch with our friendly team at