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Our business works across many different areas of sustainability. From wastes management to renewable energy, air quality in cities and household recycling, we’re involved.

Here you can explore our latest thinking and news. Get in touch if there’s something you’d like to discuss.

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  • Food Waste

    In Bristol, the average family wastes £60 worth of food every month. Across the UK, this scales up to seven million tonnes of food and drink wasted annually. If this figure was reduced to zero, the environmental benefit would be the equivalent of removing one in four cars off the road.

  • Introducing GENeco's WASTE WEDNESDAY

    Every Wednesday we will be posting tips on ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle; everything from dealing effectively with food waste and maximising the power of recycling to great local events and companies to support.

  • Biomethane bus refuelling station builds on the legacy of the Bio-Bus

    A permanent fuel station for a fleet of buses running on gas produced by food waste has opened in Bristol.

  • Bristol: Our city, our future

    2019 is the 10th anniversary of GENeco’s formation.

  • Chartered by the Institution of Chemical Engineers

    Technical manager Wesley Wong has recently been successful in gaining the professional qualification of chartered chemical engineer with IChemE (The Institution of Chemical Engineers).

  • Going for gold

    GENeco sponsors Bristol's bid to become a Gold Sustainable Food City by the end of 2020

  • Facts about food waste

    The latest UK government figures show that around 10 million tonnes of food are wasted every year.

  • GENeco fleet moves towards zero emissions

    GENeco has started a large-scale trial of a new range of electric vehicles in a move towards eliminating diesel and petrol from its vehicle fleet.

  • Poo Power - Coming to a home near you

    GENeco has teamed up with Bristol Energy make each Bristol resident a generator of clean, green gas that could heat your home.

  • Hands on help down at the farm

    A group of volunteers recently spent the day at GENeco’s neighbours, Lawrence Weston Community Farm.

Next generation fuel

Next generation fuel

Biomethane generated by waste can be used as a substitute for natural gas in homes and in vehicles. It's the fuel of the future, but it's here now.