Case study: LettUs Grow

At GENeco we love a hyper local solution and this is something that LettUs Grow really offers. Vertical farming is really taking off across Europe and it is something we keep a very close eye on. We spoke to the team at LettUs Grow to give us their insights into their business, what they do, how we have helped them and also their top tips!

Grown Lettuce

1. Tell us about your business.

LettUs Grow is an indoor farming technology provider based in Bristol. We build vertical farms that grow fresh produce with zero soil, zero pesticides and less water. Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint and waste of food by allowing anyone to grow nutritious and sustainable food near its point of consumption.

2. How have we helped your business?

We often run research and development growing trials from our aeroponic research centre so that we can learn how to grow different crops in our farms and perfect crop recipes for our customers. This means that not all of the produce grown can always be eaten, so it would otherwise go to waste. We always make sure we’re trying to make sustainable choices for our office and operations, as well as for our products, so being a part of a circular system and knowing that our waste is being recycled is really important to us.

Letus Grow

3. Why did you choose GENeco?

Getting a detailed breakdown of the amount of CO2 we’ve saved is really useful so that we can track our emissions, set goals and keep to our targets. It’s also great knowing the number of miles that we’ve powered the bus!

4. What is your top tip for tackling your food waste?

In an office setting, particularly in a hybrid office like ours where people aren’t coming in every day, this can mean food is left in the fridge and forgotten! We have communal sections in all our fridges and shelves to encourage staff to share their food and prevent it going to waste.

If you would like to find out more about LettUs Grow you can visit their website.

Our Bio-Bee service can also help your business deal with its food waste in a sustainable way – if you’re interested, please get in touch with a member of our team at or call us on 01225 524560.