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  • Supporting community energy

    On the 19th October the Arnolfini hosted the Community Energy Awards in Bristol.

    Community energy

    The ceremony included categories such as Community Renewable Energy Project Award, Community Energy & Carbon Saving Award and for the first time, Community Energy Young Champion Award which was sponsored by at GENeco. This new category, won by Jason Blanchard, celebrates the rising amount of young people getting involved in the community energy sector.

    Jason caught the judge’s attention due to working with multiple community energy enterprises in the South West of England as part of his job as Technical Manager at Communities for Renewables, as well as by volunteering in his spare time. He is also involved in community outreach programmes which involve giving talks to schools, universities and the local community with the aim of engaging them on the community energy industry and how they can benefit from renewable energy.

    A massive congratulations to Jason and all of the winners from the night.