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  • Seasonal changes in liquid waste

    Summer season is in full swing and across our region we have already seen some prolonged periods of hot weather.

    Seasonal changes

    The increase in temperature, dryer summer months and longer daylight hours leads to changes in our lifestyles with more time being spent outside enjoying BBQs, trips to the beach, evenings in the garden and doing outdoor sports. For the festival-goers the south-west plays host to a wide variety of festivals across the region such as Glastonbury, Weston Air Show, Bournemouth 7s, and the upcoming Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

    These festivals have an impact on the number of tankers carrying domestic waste into GENeco’s sites and the volumes we recycle can be significantly higher than in the winter. Chemical toilet waste is accepted at all 11 of our treatment centres and our recycling process is a sustainable, zero waste disposal route; the waste is used to produce renewable energy and biofertilisers.

    To accommodate our customer requirements we are able to offer extended opening hours with competitive rates.

    Seasonal changes festival season

    Please do get in touch with one of the team if you would like to discuss your requirements for the festival season.