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  • Reducing the risks

    Continuing in our series on waste management legislation, we’ve turned the spotlight to the Safety Data Sheet.

    A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a mandatory document that is required when sampling any waste with hazardous components or named products. 

    Reducing the risks

    The SDS provides the necessary information needed to make a valid risk assessment before sampling the waste. It describes the hazardous components present in the waste, and gives guidance on the correct handling and storage procedures, in addition to emergency measures in case of accident.

    Caution: An SDS is not a risk assessment. You should use the information it contains to help make your own assessment.
    As part of our standard operating procedure for all waste treatment enquiries, we require the inclusion of an SDS for all hazardous wastes or those with named products. This is primarily to avoid any incidents which could cause potential health hazards and ensures our technicians are fully informed in the event of a spillage of the waste.

    The SDS provided should cover, but not be limited to, some of the headings below: 

    - Identification of hazardous substances with composition of ingredients
    - First aid measures including accidental release
    - Exposure controls
    - Disposal considerations
    - Regulatory information

    If you have any questions or queries about Safety Data Sheets, or would simply like to speak to one of our friendly team, please contact us on 01225 524 560.