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  • Our city; our future

    Bristol Green Capital Partnership has launched
    Our Future: A Vision for an Environmentally Sustainable Bristol

    Our future

    This document sets out a series of ambitious yet achievable actions and timelines in five themes: energy, food, nature, resources and transport, which were developed in close collaboration with Partnership member specialists and in-kind support from GENeco. These give detail to the Partnership’s long-standing shared high-level vision of a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all.

    Our Future outlines 25 key areas for action for each of these 5 themes, from expanding renewable energy generation and increasing the amount of land used for community food growing, to doubling the abundance of wildlife, reducing residual household waste and increasing the number of journeys made by active modes. These actions also formed the Partnership’s contribution to Bristol’s One City Plan, the first iteration of which was launched last week, with environment among its 6 themes.

    Working towards these actions will strengthen the city’s ability to thrive in the face of major environmental sustainability challenges, and bring huge health, social and economic benefits to those living and working in the city.

    There is an urgent need to accelerate the pace of change, and this vision will help individuals, organisations, and the city collectively determine what they can do to step up to these challenges.

    Download the document here