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  • Backwell School follow their food waste

    At the beginning of October, six pupils from Backwell School’s student council visited GENeco’s Bristol food waste recycling facility.

    Backwell school

    The aim of the visit was to allow pupils and staff to see what happens to their food waste after it has been collected by the Bio-Bee.

    The Bio-Bee was launched one year ago with the aim of offering companies a more sustainable way to dispose of their food waste. In this time, the Bio-Bee has already collected 430 tonnes of waste which has generated enough biomethane to not only allow the vehicle to be self-powered, but also allow 50 households to be fuelled with renewable gas for a year.

    Alice Drury-Webb, Bioresources Business Administrator said “The whole visit was a great success and the children were really engaged throughout.”

    The students left with a good understanding of the link between the food waste they put in their food recycling bin and the biomethane gas produced from it.”