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  • Food waste champions given tour of GENeco plant

    Winners of a council competition visited GENeco's pioneering food recycling plant in Avonmouth.

    Food waste champions given tour of GENeco plant

    Food waste champions from the Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) and Bristol City districts were shown around the impressive anaerobic digestion facility. The Feed Me and Win campaign rewarded households that were found to be recycling the most, and the winners took part in a tour led by GENeco business development manager Julian Okoye.

    Julian showed them how the plant recycles using a natural process that occurs in the absence of oxygen, breaking food down into fertiliser and biomethane gas. The plant uses this gas to put electricity back into the grid, as well as powering vehicles like the Bio-Bug Volkswagen Beetle and the Bio-Bus - both of which run entirely on human and food waste.

    "It's essential that everyone understands the importance of food recycling, and it's great that GENeco were able to give our campaign winners such a fascinating insight into how their food waste is used to create energy," said councillor Martin Veal, cabinet member for community services at B&NES Council.

    "We launched the Feed Me and Win campaign to encourage people to stop sending their food waste to landfill and to do their bit to recycle as much as possible and help the environment."

    Bristol City Council winner Janice said: "Our trip to the food recycling plant was fantastic and interesting. We could never have imagined before what happens to food and what it ends up as."

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