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  • Celebrating Bristol's food scene

    On Sunday 13 November we were proud to be the sustainability partners at the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016.

    Over 600 people attended the event to celebrate the city’s restaurants and food producers. The awards are based on a public vote and this year more than 60,000 individual ballots were cast in 30 categories. GENeco also presented the award for ‘Best Sunday Lunch’, which was won by Yurt Lush.

    Bristol Good Food

    We’re proud to live and work in such an innovative and exciting city, and are keen to support those who contribute to making it such a great place to live. We need to support those involved in the food scene and give them the confidence to innovate and operate in the most sustainable way.

    GENeco provides cost-effective and sustainable waste solutions to local businesses, helping them to reduce their waste at source and become zero waste to landfill. We give businesses the chance to have more ownership over their waste management, getting involved in employee engagement and training.

    Our award-winning facility in Bristol treats local food waste and transforms it into renewable energy and biofertilisers for agricultural use. The renewable gas and electricity that we produce powers over 10,000 local homes and businesses; a truly circular economy for the city of Bristol.

    Bristol Good Food Awards. Local Businesses

    As a city we can build on the success of Bristol Green Capital 2015 to create a world-leading city community, and the food scene will inevitably be the lifeblood of this.

  • Next generation fuel

    Biomethane generated by waste can be used as a substitute for natural gas in homes and in vehicles. It's the fuel of the future, but it's here now.

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