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  • Brazilian delegates take a tour of Bristol sewage treatment works

    Business owners and government delegates from Brazil have visited GENeco's facilities at Bristol sewage treatment works.

    Brazilian delegates tour of Bristol sewage treatment works

    The visit showcased GENeco's advancements in sustainability technology and the utilisation of wasted resources.

    This is part of a wider fact-finding trip to help make businesses in Brazil more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    The tour consisted of all aspects of GENeco's work, including anaerobic digestion and food waste recycling. The group was particularly keen to find out about GENeco's renewable energy generation capabilities, both through electricity and biomethane. 

    Furthermore, government officials were interested in current UK legislation which incentivises the use of biogas, with a view to influencing future policy around renewable energy in Brazil.

    Thais Oliveira, from the British Embassy in Brazil, said: "This visit was extremely valuable to our diverse group of delegates, and we will be taking home lots of ideas and inspiration for expanding the use of anaerobic digestion in Brazil". 

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