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  • Introducing GENeco's Waste Wednesday!

Introducing GENeco's WASTE WEDNESDAY

  • Every Wednesday we will be posting tips on ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle; everything from dealing effectively with food waste and maximising the power of recycling to great local events and companies to support.

    Today the focus is on air transport – with a single airline passenger producing on average three tonnes of waste per flight, innovative ideas are emerging to help combat this waste. For example, PriestmanGoode just unveiled an economy meal tray produced from coffee grounds, banana leaves and coconut wood. However, individuals too can make an impact – why don’t you try implementing some of the below on your next flight?

    1. Bring your own reusable water bottle and cutlery (except from knives) to limit single-use plastics.
    2. Choose the vegetarian or vegan meal option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use and deforestation related to livestock production.
    3. Pre-ordering a meal also combats food waste – airlines have to bring less food on board when they know in advance customer meal choices.
    4. Offset your carbon emissions by contributing financially to carbon reduction schemes – these work by offsetting the extra carbon that flying produces by investing in initiatives such as renewable energy or forestry.
    5. Pack light – heavier aircrafts burn more fuel, and therefore produce more CO2.

    But, of course, the best way to limit your environmental impact is to reduce the amount that you fly altogether. The UK has a wealth of beautiful holiday destinations; from the hustle and bustle of London to the quaint fishing villages of Cornwall, you may be surprised what you can find only a few hours from home. Why don’t you get some inspiration here