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  • Deck the halls with... industry awards

    Over the past four years, the hard work and commitment of the food waste recycling team at Avonmouth has driven the food waste recycling facility to its current position as an award winning leader of the industry.

    GENeco Food Waste Team

    In addition to their most recent ‘Team of the Year Award’, the facility has developed and implemented working systems which follow international best practice standards. This has been recognised by the world’s leading providers of independent assessments through the recommendations for certification to OHSAS18001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and PAS110.

    The key benefit of implementing the standards is that it provides our customers and other interested parties - our parent company, investors, regulators, community and team - independently validated assurance that GENeco are well practiced in their field. All of the standards provide the risk based approach and commitment to both continuous improvement and process excellence.

    • ISO 9001 - Quality Management System: Process and risk based approach to consistently deliver a service that meets the requirements of customers and other interested parties.
    • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System: Eeffective management of environmental impacts through commitments to pollution prevention, legal compliance and continual improvement.
    • OHSAS 18001 - Occupation Health and Safety Assessment: The introduction of an effective and robust occupational health and safety (OHS) management system turns uncontrolled hazards into controlled risks and so better safeguard the wellbeing of both our people and our business.
    • PAS 110 – Digestate Specification

    PAS 110 is a specification that defines a system of management to monitor and control the process in order to produce a consistent quality digestate. By achieving the requirements of the specification the digestate can be handled as a product rather than a waste, which gives quality assurance to the farmer as well as reduce regulatory controls over its use.

    The PAS 110 digestate has been welcomed by local farmers looking to become more sustainable through replacing use of fertilisers with digestate, cutting costs with the assurance too that a consistent material is provided.

    ‘At GENeco we are proud that we have received such recognition from our certification bodies, achieving our aim to be the best in field as well as providing our suppliers of food waste the assurance that our process is transforming waste material in a consistent product,’ said GENeco’s Solid Bioresources Manager, Richard McCluskey.

    ‘It has been quite a challenge to implement a system which satisfies the requirements of all the standards, but it has resulted in a customer and risk focused facility, which is committed to continuously improve how it operates. All these aspects are important to provide good customer service and maintain good morale in the team.’ said GENeco’s Food Waste Treatment Plant Supervisor, Tom Phelps.