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  • Oh come, online faithful!

    This winter the GENeco website is sporting a brand new look.

    The illustration-led theme was designed by Bristol-based web agency Yoke, and highlights the many different activities that GENeco carries out. The front page features an animation showing the path from waste treatment to production of renewable energy, and contains links to our six main services.

    Services icons

    It's not just the look that's been upgraded; there is lots of new content and improved functionality.

    A key new feature is the 'Get a quote' function which can be easily accessed on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. This enables users to submit the basic details of an enquiry in order to initiate the process of bringing new waste into one of GENeco's treatment centres.

    Quotes form

    The locations page enables users to search for their nearest treatment centre, whilst the resources section contains downloadable versions of important documents such as permits and licences, as well as infographics and educational documents.

    One aspect we're particularly excited about is an interactive map of the Bristol sewage treatment works which allows the user to explore what we do on site, such as generating biomethane and composting hard to treat materials.

    The site has been designed with you, the users, in mind - we'd love to hear any feedback you may have or any new features you'd like to see.

    For those of you who prefer the telephone, you can still get straight through to one of us on 01225 524560.