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  • For the future 

    Ewan French, who is doing a media production diploma through Bristol-based organisation Boomsatsuma, produced the piece following a visit to our site earlier in the year.

    For our future

    His brief was to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling food waste to a teenage and young adult audience. One of the most striking facts Ewan speaks about in the film is that one person’s annual food waste could produce enough electricity to power an iPad over 900 times!

    The finished film features staff from GENeco as well as fellow students and members of Ewan’s family.

    Ewan said “Working with GENeco has made me more aware of the benefits of recycling our food waste.”

    “Unfortunately I don’t have the power to solve the recycling problem once and for all. But I realised that if I exercised my passion for film, I could create something that involved people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to encourage people to recycle their food waste. It’s not just for your future, but for our future.”

    The film is now live on GENeco’s YouTube channel and will be promoted via social media channels.