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  • Food waste film set for the big screen

    Local student Ewan French is helping GENeco raise awareness of food waste recycling in Bristol.

    Boomsatsuma food waste film

    In February, a group of students from a local media organisation Boomsatsuma produced series of short films to raise awareness of food waste recycling as part of the Bristol Learning City initiative. The films were showcased at the Engine Shed Theatre in Bristol to an audience of industry experts from the food waste industry and the local waste management community.

    The night was a huge success and highlighted the talent and potential of the young students as well as sparking conversations about the issue of food waste within the city.

    Once the food waste films had been shown, they were hosted on our social media channels and the students were given a week to accumulate as many votes as possible for each one of their videos.

    The winning video was created by Ewan French which was titled ‘For the future’. As a prize, he was invited back to the our Bristol site where he spent a day refining and reshooting clips from his video. 

    The finished film will be used as part of future campaigns and will be shown on At-Bristol’s Big Screen in Millennium Square over the summer months. We can’t wait to share the finished result! 

    Laura Blake, a solid bioresources graduate at GENeco who worked alongside the students on the projects, said: ‘’It was great to work with a group of professional students who were motivated and enthusiastic about sustainability. Each student showed a great deal of originality and created a video tailored towards their skill set and ideas.’’