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  • Bristol’s Green Partners

    Bristol Green Capital Partnership recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

    Bristols green partner

    The Partnership’s aim is to affect long-term change in Bristol and make the city a more sustainable place to live. It is now widely-recognised as the largest partnership of its kind in the world, growing from just 12 founding members to over 800 organisations and groups, including GENeco.

    One of its notable achievements was to host the Bristol Green Capital year in 2015. Looking to the future, Bristol has pledged to be a carbon neutral city by 2050, run on clean energy which does not damage public health or change the climate.

    Mohammed Saddiq, GENeco’s managing director and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership chairman said: “Bristol is known throughout the world for being a sustainable city, and we want to carry on that good work. Going forward our ambition is for everybody in the city to have a high quality of life and access to green spaces.”

    “We also want to ensure young people have access to real work opportunities and that sustainability is relevant to everybody in Bristol.”