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  • Bristol food waste trial proves a success 

    Residents of a Bristol suburb have increased their food waste collections by 87%, thanks to a new joint campaign by GENeco and Bristol Waste Company.


    The campaign, ‘Slim My Waste- Feed My Face’, encourages residents to use brown food waste caddies by putting their refuse bins on a “no food diet” and personalising caddies with stickers.

    Nearly 1,000 food caddies were given out in October last year in Hartcliffe, which is ranked amongst the 10% most deprived areas in England.

    Around 10.5 tonnes of food waste was collected before the trial compared to 19.6 tonnes in the month after, an increase of 87%. The food waste was treated by anaerobic digestion at GENeco’s facility in Avonmouth, where it generated renewable energy and biofertilisers.

    During the campaign period, there was a 9% increase in people using brown food waste caddies and a 10% decrease of general waste in black wheelie bins.

    Tape measures around the wheelie bins, as well as social media, leaflet drops and educational workshops and assemblies at schools all helped to boost the campaign’s profile.

    GENeco also provided a tour and information on what happens to the waste for residents wanting to know more.

    Richard McCluskey, solid bioresources manager at GENeco, said: “It’s great to see so many households recycling their food waste. By doing so, residents are recycling their waste in the most sustainable way and creating renewable energy that is used to power homes and vehicles.”

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