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  • A different kind of advent calendar

    This December, Bristol Waste Company (BWC) and GENeco are coming together to raise awareness of the benefits of reusing, reducing and recycling over the festive season.

    WRAP figures show that household food waste rises by around 80% over the festive season. A social media campaign from BWC and GENeco hopes to provide residents with useful hints and tips to reduce waste and prevent food waste, as well as giving an insight into the recycling process itself.

    Bristol Waste

    Food waste from Bristol residents is collected by Bristol Waste Company, and taken to GENeco’s facility in Avonmouth.

    Here, food waste is treated by anaerobic digestion, a natural process that occurs in the absence of oxygen that breaks food down into fertiliser and methane-rich gas. This biogas is used to generate renewable electricity and gas for local homes, as well as powering vehicles like the Bio-Bus. The solid by-products from the process are recycled as nutrient-rich biofertiliser to agriculture.

    Biomethane diagram

    Richard McCluskey, GENeco’s Solid Bioresources Manager, said: “Over Christmas we will definitely be advocating the adage ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ for food – only buy what you need, make the most of leftovers, and recycle what you don’t use.”

    Tracey Morgan, Managing Director of Bristol Waste, added: “Bristol Waste is pleased to be sharing ideas for how we can all waste less over the festive season. In addition to our usual recycling collections, during January we will once again be collecting Christmas trees from across Bristol and sending them on to be shredded and composted for use as crop fertiliser”.

    The advent calendar campaign will be running on social media throughout December using the hashtag #RecycleBristol.